About Us

We are One Of More

One Of More has been an idea for a long time, and is now taking the next step in its evolution.

Here are some of the things we hope it will be.

Community. Culture Generator. LifeNoise Filter. Project Node. DigiZine. Digital Ecosystem. Purveyor of Conscious Commerce. Portal. Connector.

Our Story

One Of More has been in the process of becoming since 2007, starting with a range of T-shirts and accessories at a market in Newcastle. Then came Rolador Cafe, an unexpected beast that took over our lives for the next 5 years. Then came Saluna Cafe which was a further evolution of our ideas around hospitality and consciousness of the role of cafes in community . All the way tinkering with what the idea of One Of More is.

Then in 2017, a move to Brisbane, where the next phase of OOM's journey begins. We now have this website where we can share ideas and celebrate the talents that each of us hold and allow them to manifest.